Employee Monitoring Solution

As the name implies employee monitoring is mainly the surveillance of workers’ activity.

Organisations engage in employee monitoring solutions for different reasons such as performance tracking, avoiding legal liability issues, protection of trade secrets and addressing other security concerns.

Our solution gathers activity data for performance tracking purposes and stores them for further analysis by the management or HR personnel. The collected data can be deleted as per the retention management policies and requirements.

As there are many data privacy regulations around the globe, one of the viable concerns while monitoring the employee activity is the privacy. Depending on the organisational structure, local and global laws should be reviewed and necessary steps such as informing the employees on the scope of the data collection, legal basis and purpose etc. should be taken before implementing such a solution. We assist our customers by providing tools and services to address also such privacy issues.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack comprises of .net based agent application, reporting GUI and backend database.