About us

We are a technology company established to deliver integrated and end-to-end IT solutions bringing innovative, scalable, and competitive results to our customers with information technology professionals having strong industry experience.

As the solution integrator of global software vendors, we provide solutions and services in different areas to our local and global customers with certified consultants who have experience in finance, telecommunication, production and services sectors.

We are dedicated to add value to the businesses of our customers in;

  • Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance
  • NoSQL & Big Data
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application Security
  • Content and Document Management


As the solution integrator of many global software manufacturers and trusted by many customers in different sectors, we provide services in different areas to our local and global customers with certified consultants who have experience in finance, telecommunication, manufacturing and services sectors.


Data Privacy

There is an ever growing awareness among fellow citizens and the governments as the variety and volume of the personal data grows bigger.


Data Governance

Data governance is a broad concept covering data integrity and security, quality and controls, availability, usability and consistency of data, compliancy and data management accountability within the entire organisation.


Data Security

Data security is basically protecting structured and unstructured digital data from unwanted actions of unauthorised users.



Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework that defines who (people) or what (APIs etc.) can access which digital assests of an organisation based on roles and responsibilities. IAM systems provide identification, authentication, access management and reporting.


Application Security

Application security (AppSec) is becoming even more vital for the organisations as most of the time it is the gateway to the data. As the security concerns grow AppSec tools move left to encompass the whole application lifecycle from analysis to maintenance.


NoSQL Database

While the use of NoSQL (or non-relational) databases have been triggered by the needs of Web 2.0 companies, others including big data and real-time web applications also took to the stage with highly demanding business and technical requirements.



Enterprise content management (ECM) basically enforces processes for creation, capture, workflows, collaboration, archiving, distribution of digital or analog content. It manages the life cycle of information, from creation to archival and disposal.


Employee Monitoring

As the remote work is widely accepted, organisations need tools to monitor the activities of their employees mainly to track performance but also to avoid legal liability including compliancy, protect trade secrets and address other IT security concerns.



Database activity monitoring (DAM) is basically monitoring and analysing database activity. The DAM tools help improve the user activity visibility on the databases and hence the digital assets of the organisations.



We proudly partner with leading software vendors and solution providers to provide the latest generation of information technologies solutions and services to our customers.


We have local and global references in different sectors from telecommunications to finance, insurance, travel, energy, retail, services, technology, public, food services and facilites management and automotive.