PICUS Security Validation Platform

Simulate real attacks and use AI-driven insights to prioritize and reduce your threat exposure.

To minimize cyber risk, it’s vital to identify and address security issues as early as possible. Threats evolve and quickly target new exposures within changing IT environments. At the same time, increasing pressure from business leaders and regulators means it’s more important than ever to demonstrate security effectiveness and value. The Picus Security Validation Platform reduces your cyber risk by accurately measuring your exposure to cyber threats with real-world attack simulations. Supplying actionable insights, it helps you to address gaps swiftly and ensure that you get the best protection from your existing security investments.

picus dashboard

Know your Cyber Risk. Enhance Effectiveness.

With the Picus Security Validation Platform, get the insights you need to measure your organization’s cyber risk and take swift action to minimize it.


Get a consolidated view of your internal and external assets and understand the risks they pose.


Consistently measure the effectiveness of your security controls with accurate attack simulations.


Obtain the context you need to focus on the security gaps and vulnerabilities that will reduce your risk the most.


Receive actionable mitigation insights to address exposures and get the best protection from your security stack.

Attack Surface Validation

Get a consolidated view of your internal and external assets assets by aggregating asset data from across your environments.

Cloud Security Validation

Identify common cloud misconfigurations and understand their potential impact with automated cloud assessments and attack simulation.

Security Control Validation

Measure and strengthen cyber resilience by automatically and continuously validating the effectiveness of your prevention and detection controls.

Attack Path Validation

Strengthen your internal network security by visualizing the steps an evasive attacker could take to compromise critical assets and users.

Detection Rule Validation

Proactively identify issues related to the performance and hygiene of SIEM rules and obtain insights to accelerate detection and response.

Technology Stack

  • PICUS Security Validation Platform