Efficiency Management System

Remote working is becoming an increasingly accepted working model. Accordingly, it has become more difficult to get support from other team members or managers compared to when we all work in an office environment.

Another challenge of the current working environment is the vast number of applications that we have to toggle. We are constantly required to distract ourselves when we work. The cost of hard and unproductive work is huge for all.

Inefficient process design, lack or inefficient training and mentoring and finally bad user interface or user experience all contribute to the problem. The analysis of where work is poorly structured, applications are fragmented, and data is scattered across multiple systems is essential to identify possible areas of improvement in productivity.

We provide tools for the analysis of how the work is being done, what could be broken in the processes or any deficiencies in the corporate platforms.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack comprises of .net based agent application, reporting GUI and backend database.