Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Solution

Database Activity Monitoring is a database security solution for monitoring and analysing database activity. The data gathered by a DAM tool is used to analyse and report on database activity, provide data on breach investigations and alert on database activity anomalies. Monitoring activity should be performed continuously and in real-time.

Database Activity Monitoring and Prevention (DAMP) is an extension to DAM which targets blocking unauthorised activity additional to monitoring.

DAM also helps organisations address compliance with regulations such as; PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX etc.

Our solution detects, classifies, generates alarms and reports events that occur in database systems. It provides easy access to the information of who has access to sensitive data and what actions are taken at which intervals, and ensures that the authorities are informed about the events with predefined alarm rules.


With our solution, you can perform the following audits and report:

  • Login : Allows tracking of successful and unsuccessful logins to the database.
  • Data content exchange : SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXEC, etc. Allows tracking of commands.
  • Tracking Access : Provides tracking of who has accessed sensitive data.
  • Database Administrator Control : User creation, deletion, etc. monitors transactions and ensures action is taken.
  • Classified Control : It helps to decide who can view transactions on the basis of user, database, table, command.
  • Reporting : Provides reports in accordance with standards such as ISO27001, COBIT, PCI, SOX.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack comprises of following Karmasis solutions.

  • Dataskope