Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Enterprise content management is a set of defined processes, strategies and tools that allow businesses to effectively obtain, organise, store and deliver critical information to its employees, business stakeholders and customers.

ECM has rapidly evolved as different forms of content have been introduced to the work environment. However, these tools continue to focus on digitally managing a company’s information in a centralised repository and using the digital content to support business processes and help achieve goals.

Why implementing an enterprise wide content management solution?

Information is an assset and organisations need to;

  • manage that asset strategically with appropriate governance and reporting
  • implement fit-for-purpose information management processes and practices and systems
  • need to reduce areas of information management inefficiency and reduce risk

Key components for secure content lifecycle management

Content Manager is a secure documents and records management system for capturing and managing all information formats; structured, unstructured, electronic and physical…

Content Management

  • Information Management – Turning data into useful information!
  • Capturing, classifying, managing, securing, retaining, and deleting data
  • Governance – Compliance with government requirements and internal policy

Retention and Deletion

  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your projects
  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your staff
  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your business applications

Technology Stack

Our technology stack comprises of following Opentext solution.

  • Content Manager