NoSQL Database Solution

As designed in 70s, the relational databases arrange data into different rows and columns by generally associating a specific key for each row. Almost all relational database systems use Structured Query Language (SQL) for querying data. They are traditionally more rigid and have a limited or restricted ability to translate complex data such as unstructured data.

Even though the tabular SQL databases are still used extensively as legacy data sources, they can not keep up with the flow of information especially demanded by internet users. The larger variety of data types is just another problem for SQL databases. All these led to the development of non-relational databases, often referred to as NoSQL. NoSQL databases can translate different data quickly and avoid the rigidity of SQL by replacing “organised” storage with more flexibility.

The name, NoSQL, might be misleading as some systems, Coucbbase for sure, come with a SQL-like query language called N1QL (pronounced as Nickel).

Here are some reasons why Couchbase is a preferred NoSQL Database solution;

  • Support large numbers of concurrent users (tens of thousands, perhaps millions)
  • Deliver highly responsive experiences to a globally distributed base of users
  • Be always available – no downtime
  • Handle semi- and unstructured data
  • Rapidly adapt to changing requirements with frequent updates and new features

What we offer with Couchbase;

  • Agility
  • Performance at Scale
  • Manageability

Technology Stack

Our technology stack comprises of following Couchbase solutions.

  • Couchbase on-premise NoSQL DB
  • Couchbase Capella (DBaaS)